5FT Artificial Pachira Aquatica Money Tree, Fake Plastic Money Plant

5FT Artificial Pachira Aquatica Money Tree, Fake Plastic Money Plant




Nearly reality: Carefully crafted to mimic the appearance of a real-life-in-Money Tree, looking as close to reality as possible. Even when viewed from a distance, there is almost no difference.
Perfect Decor: Perfect for Home Decor, Office, Commercial area, Party, Hotel, Housewarming gift and etc. Let you feel the presence of nature anytime, anywhere.
Sturdy and Stable: It only takes one time to buy a not-fade plant that can remain unchanged for years, without deformation. Let you save a lot of money easily.
No Maintenance Required: It is an artificial plant and does not require manual watering or daily maintenance. When the leaves become dirty, you only need to wipe them lightly with a rag to be as bright as new.
When you take it out of the box, you may need to reinstall the leaves at the tree on the branches to adjust the branches and leaves to achieve the desired appearance, very easy!

Realistic Look: In order to give the leaves a more natural appearance, they have a variety of shades and detailed coloring, which will never fade.
Maintenance Free: It’s easy to care for and doesn’t require any water to remain strong and unaffected by the effects of the weather.
Stable Pot Base: The heavy-duty pot base is built of plastic with concrete poured within to maintain general stability.
Stay Green All Year Round: Made of high-quality plastic and synthetic silk, this fake pachira aquatica plant will not wither or fade by time and stays in its best color and shape for years to come.
Anti-Fading & Long-Lasting: Regardless of the weather or season, artificial trees remain green indoors and in sheltered outdoor areas!


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